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Spiritual Quickies

A Spiritual Quickie is a 90 minute spiritual tune-up and intuitive reading session For freedom seekers and action takers who are on a spiritual path and need help releasing a block, dissolving a specific fear, letting go of some anger, receiving clarity and focus around a particular subject, or simply needing to feel lighter about something bugging them. Schedule your powerful shift now!

The Soulful Woman’s In-home Day Retreat
Transformation Workshops at Your Event

Have you been saying that you want to hae deeper community with women? Have you been wishing for more feminine energy, a healing circle type atmosphere and to have a more powerful experience of God? Well, The Soulful Woman's In-Home Day Retreat  is a Healing Space for: Divine Feminine Connection, Guided Spiritual Transformation Processes, Vibrant Foods Prep, And Tools for Life Clarity for you and 9 of your closest friends in your own home. The fee is $290 ($29/woman) for this all day transforming event. Reserve your space now because you know daggone well that this price is not going to last long! 




Are you hosting a powerful event and looking for someone to help your attendees get deep with Spirit, tap into their purpose, learn how to grow their spiritual practices, or experience the joy and clarity that comes from learning to release their fears and limitations? Contact me now to schedule. I have several potent healing workshop topics, ritual concepts, and talks for exploding consciousness so that your participants can tell everyone how your event left them transformed .

Monthly Meditations, Visualizations, Rituals, and Courses

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