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"I wanted to say thank you deeply Osunlade for creating this because each day I feel lighter and liberated. I cried no scratch that SOBBED uncontrollably the first few days which I "thought" I let go obviously I hadn't and now feel SO much better and am much happier than I already was where I feel I'm walking on clouds and feeling extremely blessed. I have you to thank for this. May you continue to be blessed!!" ~ I. Irby

"This ritual has brought to the surface MORE than I could have EVER imagined... I am very grateful powerful ones for this work.... this space is inspiration to keep me grounded in the Truth that I Am powerful enough to heal myself from EVERY blow. Boom! My healing is exploding in so many ways!" ~ M. Euell 


"Thank YOU for acting on this inspiration and the call to reach out, gather and inspire folk to think about their our healing process and give an opportunity to act, not just for our own sense of freedom, but true collective consciousness. It is beautiful. We are beautiful. Life is beautiful. May we all sense the reality of Truth, Love and Soul through the clear, transparent and pure panes of glass."

~ C. DeSanctis


"This call.... it was just in TIME! Being in the space with you sisters, though over the phone, the only way I can describe it is that I felt MOTHERED! The feeling is profound. Thank you... Osunlade for that meditation and those tools to really dig deep into our thoughts and emotions. I will be joining the Forgiveness Challenge."

~ M. Diane

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