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About Me

You don't know if you can spend yet another single solitary moment sitting on the sidelines of your own life, never seeming to figure out how to get in the game, play it well and actually begin winning.


You’ve been struggling to get traction on your dreams for what seems like forever, stuck in your day to day responsibilities and overwhelmed by your to do for others list.


You’ve invested more time than you would care to admit seeking out self-help books, searching online for help with learning to manifest, or listening to so-called spiritual gurus for an aha moment but none of it seems to stick because you still don’t know HOW to get results. You still don’t know WHAT to focus on first. And you definitely don’t know WHO to go to for guidance, support, or spiritual insight. 


If you’ve ever dreamt of getting control of your purpose, passion, or mission in life, creating the lifestyle you deserve, and feeling more centered, focused, joyous and free, then you're in the perfect place. 


Whether you’re someone working in a soul wrenching job that doesn’t inspire you in the least, a mother who is so overwhelmed by your tasks and responsibilities that you feel you’ve absolutely lost your way, or a woman who's stepped onto your divine path but can't seem to figure out what to do next or which direction to go in, I've got the golden key to your success.


I’m Osunlade and I’m a traditional indigenous healer, a spiritual life strategist, and the creator of the super potent Spirit-Led Fierceness Program.


I help women like you live a life of purpose,  passion, inner freedom, empowerment and joy. 


I've spent decades growing my gifts of creating sacred containers and powerfully holding space as an initiated shaman/priestess, a holistic wellness coach, a ritualist, an energy healer, and a sacred workshop presenter.


















When you work with me, you’ll come away with:


  • More clarity, focus, centeredness, purpose, an vision.


  • Mind blowing breakthroughs, measurable spiritual results related to your divine path, and powerful mental and emotional shifts.


  • Joy, brightness, and inner freedom as a result of releasing old stories, trauma, doubts, un-forgiveness and fear.
















As a divine feminine healer and spiritual teacher, I truly believe that: 


  • The Universe is not complete without you, your gifts, or your purposeful path. There is no one else exactly like you. You matter.


  • You have the gifts, the intuition, and the fierceness already within you to begin crafting the fulfilling lifestyle that you deserve. You just need occasional help unearthing your powerful riches, your beauty, and your light. But, you’ve already got the goods


  • Your dreams are no accident. Spirit would never impress upon you a dream that is not for you. You absolutely deserve to show up, show out, and shine brightly! 



You’re ready to go after your dreams and I’m here to show you how.


Click here to step into your divine fierceness, personalized abundance, and inner freedom.

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